To be elected, nay, practically to be acclaimed, to the top post of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc., an organization whose members are scattered in the four corners of the world -- bonding together, interacting with each other, and deciding major policy issues through the Internet -- is a challenge whose magnitude has not totally seeped in to the innermost recesses of my mind yet.

Aside from the fact that the members of our organization are scattered in seven time zones, the implications are indeed tremendous...
For the first time in 492yrs, 13 Bangsamoro tribes come together with 18 indigenous tribes to reaffirm shared ancestry and commit to the five pillars of Kinship established in the traditional peace pact of their ancestorsDespite animosities and conflicts in the past, these tribes have chosen to come together to not only acknowledge their shared ancestry, but commit to respect and protect one another."“Enrolment in our school has almost doubled from about 300 in 2012 to more than 500 this year that is why we have asked for more classrooms and teachers from DepEd”, said Ms. Reynaly Santos, school principal. Tibi-Tibi Elementary School received a two-classroom building donated by Australian Aid to be used as IP Learning Center for its school of living tradition classes and implementation of agri-based livelihood project.Slippers from WFA-France and friendsLeo Ceniza with Principal Reylany Santos and Sandy ElizagaWaiting for their turn to dance

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